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LOCABA Bakery – the home of revolutionary full body treats offers a range of delicious low-carb, sugar free and diabetic friendly cakes and desserts.


Markus Berndt, founder of LOCABA, was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes yet he could not give up having desserts after his meals. He then changed his lifestyle entirely and spent years researching and experimenting with the health experts. Finally, Markus managed to find the perfect dessert recipes fitting for his condition. Today, Markus is considered as “cured” (without having to take insulin). Since then, he started sharing his unique desserts with the public that also promotes positive health effects.


2 Kallang Ave

#01-08/13 CT Hub

Singapore 339407


Tel: (65) 9793 6557

Opening Hours

Daily from 9am to 8pm

For delivery and pickup,

Orders must be made 1 day in advance, before 7pm, for earliest delivery/pick-up.

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