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Brez’n serves authentic Bavarian food and the best beers, imported directly from the leading Bavarian breweries, such as Paulaner. The name Brez’n comes from the Bavarian word for Pretzel, a typical and famous Bavarian sour dough bread, baked to perfection, accompanying Bavarian staples and above all enjoyed best with a perfectly poured Bavarian bier.

Brez’n is perfect for a night out with friends, a haven for families and a place to celebrate authentic Bavarian staples and the leading Bavarian beers in a contemporary setting. 


No.3-4, 1 Layer, Commercial podium building
Kingold International Financial Center
One of no.62 Jinsui Road
Zhujiang New town, Guangzhou



Tel: 86 020 3739 2543

Opening Hours

Sundays to Thursdays

11.30am - 11pm

Fridays & Saturdays

11.30am - 12mn